Chora is the only large settlement on Ios build on a hillside on the western part of the island. The village is a traditonal Cycladic village with flat, white houses shinning bright under the sun with the view of the deepblue sea. Cars have no access to the center, instead you have to walk around the narrow streets winding like a labyrinth in order to explore the village. In Chora there are plenty of restaurants, shops and mini markets. During evening the village transforms to a party mecca full of small bars and night clubs with crowds of youngsters. Many places offer a free condom with every cocktail. Others offer "headbangers" where the drinker wears a helmet and is clouted with a hammer. To enjoy the beauty and charms of Chora, it is better to explore the streets during daytime, when most of the crowds are visiting the beaches and the bars are closed. Visit the ruins of a medieval castle that crowns the hill of Chora along with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. The breathtaking view from Panagia Gremiotissa church is also worth seeing, which is recommended during the sunset. Behind the beautiful, white windmills the outdoor amphitheatre is located, where some concerts and plays are performed during the summer period. Despite the great amount of young tourists and the crazy nightlife, Chora has kept its traditional character and colors, as it has been proclaimed a preserved settlement.


Ormos is the village at the natural port of Ios. The settlement was built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a mountain with the traditional Cycladic character of the island with white houses overlooking the sea. The square of Ormos village has a supermarket and shops. It is a busy meetingpoint and it connects the area with the rest of the island. Yialos port has a picturesque promenade from the marina with fishing boats and yachts to the beach. Along the promenade you find restaurants and beach bars. Several footpaths start from Ormos village leading to sandy beaches and various ruins of archaeological interest. A stone path leads the way up to Chora passing Agios Giorgios church. Eucalyptus trees give some shadow and fountains have drinkable water along the way.
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