Naxos Villages


This beautiful village is located in the mountains about 650 metres over sea level, in a green scenery between two valleys. Apiranthos is also known as the marble village since many of the buildings and streets are made with fine, naxian marble. You find Panagia Aperathitissa church in the village and it is one of the oldest church on the island. When you are visiting Apiranthos you can also pay a visit to the three museums in the village and learn more about the area.


Chalki is located in the biggest olive cultivation area of the island and all Cycladic islands. The village was once the capital of Naxos and was the center of the main administration and trade. The many neoclassical buildings and houses show the wealth and power of the past. Walk around the small narrow streets and enjoy the architecture and green landscape.

Naxos Town

Naxos Town is the capital with the main port of the island. Naxos Town is devided in two areas; The Old Town and the new part of the town. The old town is truely a beautiful village. It has an authentic and traditional character and a strong local tone. Walk around in the small narrow streets and embrace the naxian vibes. The new part of Naxos Town is mostly filled up with hotels and more modern shops. In general Naxos Town has many shops, restaurants and hotels. The port area is full of all different kind of boats and from here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. The Portara is located at the port area overlooking the town. The name of the beach in Naxos Town is St. George beach.


The peaceful fishing village is located in the northern part of the island. There is a small beach and some tavernas and mini markets. Nearby you find the biggest attraction in the area, the big "Kouros".


Melanes is one of the oldest villages in Naxos. The nature in the area is full of olive groves and fruits which create a magnificant scenery. There are about 500 inhabitants in Melanes and the main occupation of the locals is cattle-breeding and agriculture. You find many Medieval towers in the area and there is also a statue of "Kouros" nearby.


Filoti is located in a beautiful green valley close to the highest mountain of the island, Zas Mountain. The area is famous for olive groves and small Byzantine churches. Filoti is a traditional Cycladic village built on the slopes of the mountain with white houses and narrow flowered streets. The houses have flat roofs and the locals use them like balconies. Filoti has a beautiful main square surrounded by cafeterias and tavernas. Find a seat in the shadow of the old and majestic plane tree.
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